Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nearing the End

My punch art sample book is finally nearing an end. I can't wait to put it all together as a display book. Actually I think it may need to be two different ones.

As mentioned before a lot of the images I have copied (some I have altered slightly) from images that I googled (google is good). Unfortunately at the time I was so overwhelmed by the variety that was out there that I didn't think to take down the names of those who designed them. My apologies if you happen to be one of those designers, however I would like to thank you because you got my mind going and I saw shapes where I didn't think shapes were possible.

Anyhoo I still have a couple on the go but here are the latest ones I have completed:

The bunny stuck in the fence was an idea that I modified. The original design didn't have a head. I thought the poor thing needed one.

This design, including the whole background, was from a website that I can no longer remember. I wish I could so that I could give credit where credit is due. I love this image of the penguin. I did change him a little due to different punches required and used ribbon instead of paper for his scarf but everything else is someone elses design. If I can find the link again I will post it here.
The Hippo is pretty much the original design I just had to be creative with a couple of punches because I didn't have the ones needed. Speaking of which it is the legs using a different punch and I just realised I missed them in the instructions below (doh). Ok I used the round tab punch and cut the edges straight.

The giraffe is another modified one. I think the neck and hair are the same as the original but I changed the face.

This lion is a copy of the original but I do believe I changed the snout from two circles to one piece. Not sure I like this one but I think it is mainly the colours. (Got to get rid of the old Stampin Up Stock somehow) :)

This lion is my pride and joy. Yes indeedy it is not copied. It is from my own mind, my own creation. Please feel free to use it.

This whale is also my own design. The way I made the spout could easily be used for a fountain as well.

I don't know what posesed me to do an Aisian lady but I was looking at the Tag punch for inspiration and this is what popped out. My own design entirely and I love her. I may do another one with a different hair design and her arms outstretched. Oh I also meant to draw chopsticks in her hair. By the way in case you can't tell my symbolism below it is the Full Heart punch that created her hairline. The background behind her was created using the Eastern Blossoms set. The stamp on her dress looks eastern but the background one reminds me more of Hawaii.
Ok it is late now and I am heading off to bed. I am sure I will be dreaming of punches and shapes, and faceless paper people chasing after me for their faces. I need to get out more.

Will post more tomorrow, in the meantime, sweet dreams.

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Ruth's Place said...

These are wonderful, especially love the giraffe, hippo and YOUR lion! The lady is pretty cool too.