Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have been plucking up the courage to try and be a little more artistic and learn how to use the brayer to add colour to my card. Yesterday my friend came over and we decided to try it together. Below are my examples:

I used the glossy white hoping that the colour would "move" around better. For my first attempt using the brayer I am happy with how this one worked out. I was hoping it would be a little brighter but accidentally got a little brown on the yellow colour so had to blend it.

My friend has done scenic stamping and brought some of them along for me to try. The only things Stampin Up in this card are the sun, inks and the card. The sun almost turned into a near disaster and the words just refused to stamp cleanly in the middle (non stampin up stamp) but I am very glad with how it turned out.

These next two I followed instructions from a brayer expert. Not sure why but my black ink has decided that it wants to be purple. The tree is supposed to be black. I sponged black around the outside as well and had to use the stazon black and it certainly lives up to its promise of drying quickly and I found it tough going there for a while. This was done on whisper white paper and the sun seemed to disappear so in the second image I used white gloss paper. I also used stazon black for the tree but it looks like it has snow on it. I am still happy with them.

Finally some punchart. Enough of the dogs, here is a cat. No I didn't brayer the background but I did sponge it. I am soooooo happy with how it turned out. I masked off the moon and then added a touch of metalic silver ink to it. Hope you have enjoyed looking as much I have had experimenting.

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Ruth's Place said...

These are great! Wish I lived closer.