Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Punching

If only this sort of punching was more physical I would be able to satisfy my need for exercise as well as the need to do craft in one go.

The demo book is coming along nicely and I have even managed to come up with a few of my own designs rather than just copy others I have seen on the web.

The pictures below are my own design. Granted that the owl is a hybrid of the one above.

I just love my my rubber ducky idea. He is sooo cute.

This one shows how a small variation in the design can make a big difference to the animal that comes out. If you make the dogs ears stand upright he looks like a donkey. I even found by mistake how to make the nose and the eyes.

I don't think this book will ever really be finished. It may slow down for a while but never finish. Hope you enjoy looking at them and if you make one I would love to know and even see what you did with it.

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Ruth's Place said...

The duck is adorable, but I LOVE the owls!